Welcome to my website! My dream is that this site will become an interactive extension of my classroom instruction, as well as a useful reference for Language Arts teachers. As an extension of my English class, students will be engaged in assignments utilizing e-mail, forums, multimedia software, and web design. In addition, I have posted various worksheets, lesson plans, and links that pertain to my class. I created everything on the site (unless otherwise noted) and am constantly revising my tools. Those wishing to reproduce any material from www.mrisaacs.com for classroom use may do so without asking permission; those who intend to use material from this site in workshops, courses, or other non-classroom uses must write me to obtain permission.
In addition to being my own website, mrisaacs.com is part of the Digital Community at Los Amigos High School. This community involves the hard work of three additional teachers: Mr. Ellingson, Mr. Hawley and Mr. Oberacker. The goal of this program is to “unify collaborative student activities, and multimedia technology.” Students will be involved in a variety of technology based lessons across two English courses and two History courses. Ultimately, our team is “attempting to raise the level of student performance by interfacing curricula in Social Studies and English Language Arts.”

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